Dear Brothers & Sisters in CHRIST!

I greet you in JESUS’ name from a train about half way between Penza and Yekaterineburg.

The first couple of weeks of my ministry in Russia is over and I have a couple of weeks to go.  I arrived in Moscow in the evening of July 4.  I was met by Pastor Alexei Chekushin, one of our Russian partners and coordinator of our first camp, Pastor Mark Benz, a pastor from the US that is sometimes able to join me for ministry in Russia, and Denara our translator for the first week and a half. On July 5 we went and purchased about 850 Bibles from the Russian Bible Society (With $1500 from the US that Mark brought for Bibles and $2000 from Canada that I brought- about $4/Bible).  We then met with Pastor Ivan, the director of evangelism or outreach for the Evangelical Church of the Russian Federation, which is the church that Pastor Alexei is a member of.  Pastor Ivan shared with us their ten year plan that began in 2010 to bring Bibles and the Gospel to every town and village in Russia.  They are developing about 30 ministry teams to carry out this work and they are in need of about 100,000 Bibles to accomplish this.  He asked if our ministry would be willing help them with the purchase of some of these Bibles.  Both Pastor Mark and myself were very blessed by Pastor Ivan’s presentation of the need and opportunity to bring Bibles and the Gospel message to many of these unreached villages and towns in Russia.  We gave him 750 Bibles for their mission (we kept 100 Bibles to be given to the campers at our first camp).  I am excited about this new open door that GOD has given us to partner with the Russian church in fulfilling the great commission to the Russian people.  Please join me in praying that the LORD would enable us to do what we can to fulfill this mission during the next 10 years, or however many years GOD gives us.

On July 6 we made a 12 hour trip by car to the city of Penza in prep for our first camp which began on July 10.  Mark and I spent three days at Pastor Alexei’s home getting some rest, enjoying their wonderful garden, especially the raspberries, and the cucumber and tomato salads, meeting different people, and preparing for the upcoming camp.  Both Mark and I shared at the morning worship service on Sunday at Pastor Alexei’s church, which has been growing, and the church was pretty full with about 60 or so people, mostly a lot of young families.  The Bible Camp began at a beautiful setting on a lake as all of the campers arrived and the tents, etc. were set up.  The LORD greatly blessed the camp- there were about 80 campers with a few others joining us for the evening services.  We had beautiful weather and lots of swimming and other fun activities, but the center of the camp was our worship and study times together.  I am very excited to see how GOD’S SPIRIT is working amongst the young adults and youth through the camp.  During my morning Bible Studies with them we focussed on JESUS mission and ours, from Matthew 9 and 10, and in the evening I shared a number of passages that focussed on how we should lives  as believers as we recognize the reality of the LORD’S soon return to our world.  Life is short, the LORD’S return is near and we need to do what we can for His Kingdom and the lost people in our world.  Pastor Mark shared on Relationships with GOD and others and Redemption through CHRIST.   Many of the Russian pastors who came to the camp shared with me just how thankful they are for this camp, and how GOD is using this Bible Camp to bring revival to their congregations and help their congregations to grow.  I praise the LORD for the blessing that He has given to me to be able to have a small part in blessing His people in Russia.  I was reminded of the song Pass it On, that says: “It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up in it’s glowing, that’s how it is with GOD’S love once you have experienced it, you want to sing, it’s fresh like spring, you want to pass it on.”  I was greatly blessed by the faith and growth in the lives of so many of the children, youth and  adults there, and continue to pray that the LORD will help them to continue to grow and spread His love and truth to others.  I also met a gifted young man, an engineer who speaks good English, and who is very excited to get the book GOD IS! Why evolution isn’t translated and published in Russia as soon as possible.

Our camp in Penza ended last evening and at 5 minutes after midnight we (my translator Rudy Torres,  is travelling with me to Yekaterineburg and Khakasia: Rudy is a gifted young man and I continue to pray that the LORD will use him in the Gospel work here in Russia) caught the train taking us to the city of Yekaterineburg, where we will visit some pastors and their congregations, before catching another train on Wednesday morning (about a 40 hour train ride) for Khakasia, where our 2nd Bible camp will take place beginning on July 20.

 Please pray for the LORD’S blessing on His Word that we shared this past week and that we would be filled with His SPIRIT to share His grace and truth at the churches and Bible Camp that we will be at during the next couple of weeks.  I fly back to Canada on August 2.

GOD’S blessings to each you, and may His Kingdom come!  Amen, Come LORD JESUS!

 “Now to Him who by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT at work within us is able to do far more abundantly that all that we ask or think, to Him be glory in the Church and in CHRIST JESUS, to all generations, forever and ever, Amen!”  (Eph. 3:20,21)

In the Love and Service of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,

Pastor Al