Prayer List

  • the LORD’S direction for our ministry this fall as I seek to share in congregations in some of the northern States and western provinces;
  • GOD’s provision for the needs of St. Paul’s School and Vivek Foundation Medical Ministry, in India; 
  • GOD’S provision for the needs of establishing a Teen Challenge ministry in Penza;
  • GOD’S wisdom regarding His will for beginning a Christian School in Bujumbura, Burundi and for the invitations to minister in Angola and Uganda.


Over 50 million children have been legally murdered in our fallen world. To read more about abortion and what God's view on this tragic sin is, please click here.

Return of Christ

If you knew that Christ was returning to judge the living and the dead, would you act differently? Would you deny the truth? Would you fall to your knees in repentance? If you would like to know what God's Word says about the return of Jesus the Christ, please click here.



God's Word clearly speaks of origins of the universe and life within it. Yet the heart of man refuses to acknowledge his dependence upon the God of the Bible, so he has "created" his own origins.

To understand how the Creator of the universe reveals how He created the universe with His own hand,  please click here. For further evidence that Genesis is God's revelation to the truth, click the links below.

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